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Dynamic Templates

Introducing Dynamic Templates: Automate and Customize your Creative Assets

Dynamic Templates are a powerful tool that help marketers and creative teams simplify, centralize, and organize variable marketing and operations assets.

Dynamic Templates are the secret to efficient and customized content creation. With these templates, you can easily modify and adapt your marketing assets through variable elements whether it's a flyer, poster, banner, menu, or any other marketing or operational asset. You have the power to make changes instantly, triggered by text input, image insertion, or choosing from a selection of preset values.


What are Dynamic Templates?

Welcome to the world of Symphonix Creative Automation. Our design-driven dynamic templates are the cornerstone of this cutting-edge process. By harnessing technology, you can automate the adaptation and modification of your marketing content, including size, format, graphic elements, and Calls To Action. This game-changing tool allows for high-volume content creation to meet even the most demanding market needs, all while reducing repetitive workloads for designers.

Our branded templates are meticulously crafted, defining the structure, layout, and components of your content. In addition, you can set rules that govern how the content is generated. This empowers marketers and creative teams to create tailored, localized content for each market while maintaining a consistent visual identity across all channels.

Gone are the days of generic content strategies. Dynamic templates provide the power to resonate with diverse audiences, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. Experience the future of content creation with Dynamic Templates and transform the way you connect with your audience.

Menu Boards
Select from preset price plans or enter custom prices.
Marketing & Sales Materials
Customize brochures, posters, and flyers, and more.
Signs & Flyers
Select from list of locations and enter custom details. QR codes and website address prefil from list.
Large Format
Banners, signs, posters, and more.

How are Dynamic Templates used?

The possibilities are endless but the most common applications are marketing collateral, operations materials, and customized apparel and promotional items. Some specific examples include flyers, brochures, banners, booklets, menus, posters, awards, custom apparel, lab coats, tradeshow giveaways, executive gifts, and much more.

Another use is to generate custom images for social posts, website banners, and other digital mediums.

Every business is different so we take the time to consult with your team to understand all the ways you could be using technology to improve processes, efficiencies, and delivery.  


The Challenge

A hospital system needs to promote the physicians at clinic locations with rack cards, flyers, and posters. Every clinic has unique attributes such as the number of providers, their specialties, the department, contact information, call to action.



The Solution

Dynamic Templates provide a structured approach to creating these marketing assets. Each clinic has the flexibility to create customized documents that maintain brand compliance. The process is easy enough for any user to enter their information and then route the design for approval by the content review team. The approvers are notified of new orders and are presented with the ability to review and edit the content as necessary.



The Execution

We start with the client's brand guidelines and work with the design team to identify the variable components of the pieces. Designing for a static layout is much different from designing for adjustable layouts. Working through all the possible variations, we create the approved designs and apply the variables.



The Benefit

This process eliminates the need for costly graphic designers to make these kind of changes, reduces brand compliance issues, and expedites the production process.


You know it's time to introduce Dynamic Templates into your workflows when:


You have a large, distributed team where collaboration is failing across multiple markets, delaying campaigns from going to market in time.

Your team spends too much time manually adapting or creating custom content for different channels and regions.

The level of repetitive versioning work is exhausting your creative teams and sometimes results in error-prone or off-brand creative work, impacting the brand's reputation. 



Your marketing team is struggling to manage the complexity of multiple MarTech tools used for content creation across different channels.

Every local team manages their own MarTech stack and there are inconsistencies in content output because of messy content management.  

Your team needs to optimize content for multiple channels, but there's no one platform or solution that does it all.


Your teams are overworked, with high costs on time and money, yet deadlines are still constantly missed.

You're lacking agility in your content creation process, with revenue taking the first hit.  

Your local markets are doing DIY marketing and starting campaigns from scratch, which can lead to less-than-optimal output and wasted budget.

Why use Dynamic Templates?

The benefits of using dynamic templates can ensure that creative and marketing teams in top global brands can:

  • Revolutionize content production for marketers and designers alike
  • Streamline your localization and campaign activation process  
  • Take control of your brand's visual identity
  • Optimize omnnichannel content
  • Generate engaging, targeted content at scale
  • Enable better collaboration and sharing of content across different teams and markets
  • Increase speed-to-market for campaigns
  • Enable greater personalization and targeting of content to specific customer segments 

Where are Dynamic Templates helpful?

Our solution is designed to be always accessible anywhere, anytime on our customized company store platforms. Our corporate brand stores are tailored to meet your needs and provide a centralized repository of documents and assets where your team will always know where to go to get the latest, approved materials.

Create custom embroidered lab coats (or any kind of apparel) on your company store.

Ready get started?

It begins with a discovery call with the team from Symphonix. We start by listening to you about your current state of content creation, your challenges, and goals for the future.

Symphonix partners with enterprise organizations to simplify, centralize, and organize, marketing and operations efforts with strategies, campaigns, and promotions to create, manage, and deliver solutions that grow brands.