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Corporate Brand Stores

A Corporate Brand Store is a secure, e-commerce platform where employees and associates can order branded merchandise such as printed materials, apparel, and swag.

E-commerce company stores are the perfect way to turbocharge your brand, put a smile on employee's dials and streamline corporate printing, apparel, and swag. With everything centralized in one place you can save time AND money while ensuring orders meet all current branding specs - now that'll make sure everyone looks good!

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Benefits of a Corporate Brand Store

  • Brand Compliance
  • User Management
  • Franchise Support
  • Payment & Billing Options
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our online company store will save your team time, streamline the ordering process, and assist with brand consistency, with little to no work required on your end. Your customers or franchisees can place orders directly through your company's online store. Symphonix will then track, fulfill, and drop ship the orders directly to your customer.

Leave the project management to us. We'll keep communication open and track project progress along the way. Our job is to make yours easier! No project is too big, too complex, or too untimely.

Our service team has a proven history of proactivity founded on human connections that our clients rave about. We're eager and ready to provide you with the proper guidance and reliable service you're looking for; whatever it takes!

  • Online Ordering
  • Quality & Value
  • Distribution
  • Event Support
  • Account Management

Providing you with exceptional customer service; we respond to your requests and questions within hours. We're just a phone call away. Our clients look to us as an extension of their current marketing team - and we don't take that lightly!

We're not an automated system. Our process is a personalized journey, where we specialize in people-guided technology. No bots allowed. Our client experience is founded first on human connection.

Through our online store, we can simplify the ordering process so you never have to place an order by phone (unless you want to!). We'll also fulfill and deliver orders directly to your teams.

Need quick fixes on the creative side of things? No problem! We can handle those, too - all while ensuring the utmost brand compliance and quality.    

  • Simplified Sourcing
  • Worry-free Production
  • Vendor Management 
  • Creative Support
  • Project Management

At Symphonix, we have high brand standards for ourselves and for our clients. We'll act as your gatekeepers to uphold brand consistency and be sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

We work together with you to produce a high-quality, finished product that you're proud of! Mistakes can happen in the production process, but we're quick to respond to our clients' needs and make appropriate revisions so it's right for you, when you need it.

We love working with local clients. It enables us to deliver samples quickly so you have a clear vision and know exactly what to expect.

Everything takes place under the same roof when you work with Symphonix; no need to look elsewhere.        


Dedicated Account Management

  • Active Listening
  • Creative Thinking
  • Proactive Strategy
  • Pursuit of Success
  • Streamline Processes

Stellar account managers who are all ears, stick to their word, and ensure all clients receive exceptional care – that's what we have. Our experienced account managers have the expertise and knowledge needed to ensure that your business is making smart decisions and staying ahead of any obstacles that might stand in its way.

All too often, businesses focus solely on "getting projects knocked out" without understanding the hidden effort needed behind-the-scenes in order to effectively meet deadlines and continually improve processes.

You need an account manager who is capable of far more than just keeping track of orders and data - someone who can think outside the box to create innovative ideas and develop proactive strategies that bridge gaps between departments, streamline processes, and never let you down. That's why your team needs an account manager who is relentless in pursuit of success – one who goes above and beyond to make it happen no matter what gets thrown their way.


Stock Inventory vs. Print On-demand

When it comes down to it, deciding whether you should stock inventory or print on-demand depends on your business needs and goals as well as the resources available at your disposal.

Both methods have their pros and cons so it’s important that brand managers and CMOs carefully weigh the options before making a decision. Ultimately, whichever option you choose should help move your business forward while still providing quality service that meets customer expectations.

Stock Inventory


  • Bulk volume discounts lower item and decoration cost
  • Faster to Pick, Pack, & Ship (2-5 days)


  • Purchase inventory up front
  • Requires management of inventory
  • Potential for items to not move

Print On-demand


  • Allows for wide variety of items
  • Lower up-front costs
  • Customization options available


  • No volume discounts increase item and decoration cost
  • Longer lead times (2-4 weeks)
  • High-touch process

To Stock Inventory or Print On-Demand, That Is the Question


Popular Brands - High Quality Apparel & Swag

The North Face
Vineyard Vines
American Apparel
Eddie Bauer
Next Level Apparel
Under Armor

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