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Healthcare Industry Solutions

Your Complete Healthcare Marketing Partnership

Boost your brand’s wellness with customized marketing strategies & programs.

  • Branded Uniforms/Apparel
  • Marketing Materials
  • Promotional Items
  • Company Stores
  • And so much more!

Healthcare Clients

Experience Total Care for Your Marketing Strategy.

You must consider many factors when providing care to your patients and community. The same can be said for the health of your organization’s brand and marketing efforts.

The good news is Symphonix understands all the factors that go into creating healthy brands. You will receive a customized, comprehensive, data-driven marketing strategy that works affordably, effectively, and with the flexibility to pivot as your needs change.

With Symphonix, you gain a true marketing partner. We are a client-first team of proven marketing strategists, creatives, tech geeks, logisticians, promotional and apparel specialists, all experts in print and digital channels.

Additionally, we operate in your space! We have successfully partnered with other healthcare organizations just like yours. So you can feel good about entrusting your marketing to Symphonix.

Rave Review: Online & Offline Support

from the Chief Communications Officer at Novant Health

"The Novant Health network comprises more than 1,800 physicians and over 35,000 team members that provide care at nearly 800 locations. The consistent delivery of our brand can be complex and is incredibly important to our organization.

Symphonix demonstrates a deep understanding of our business and our stakeholders. Under our direction, they customized a user-friendly company store. Beyond the company store, they help us with a wide variety of projects to help us acknowledge anniversaries and celebrate our wonderful team members.

The dedicated account management team leads regular account reviews to stay focused on our priorities and needs. Symphonix is responsive, communicative, and always willing to find the best solution. They go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with their work.

Their passion, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them an excellent partner."


Dynamic Templates: Automate and Customize your Creative Assets

Dynamic Templates are a powerful tool that help marketers and creative teams simplify, centralize, and organize variable marketing and operations assets.


Custom Lab Coats

Save Time - Eliminate the Hassle

Our Company Stores can provide self-service for customizing lab coats (or any apparel). 

  • Choose your style and size
  • Enter your name and title
  • View Live Proof and checkout online
  • Delivered to your door - that's it!

Proven Performers for the Healthcare Industry

Branded Uniforms/Apparel

From lab coats to support staff attire, apparel customized for your organization reinforces that everyone on your team belongs there and reflects your brand of care. We offer your doctors and professionals the ability to customize their lab jackets with their names and credentials via on-demand embroidery. Look to your Account Manager to help you with order sizes so you get the best price.

Marketing Materials

Most likely, promoting wellness to the communities you serve is part of your mission. However, creating branded posters, brochures, flyers, and digital components can be expensive and time-consuming. And that’s before you factor in printing and shipping. 

Creative Services

With Symphonix, you gain a creative team that cannot only provide professional messaging and art direction, we can then stock your Company Store with variable templates of your materials. You determine what can and cannot be changed on these materials—and by whom. You maintain control of your brand. Our digital printing experience offers you economical print runs so you stay on budget. 

Promotional Items

To help your community keep your commitment to their excellent health top of mind, Symphonix offers a full range of promotional premiums you can give away at community events and trade shows. We can also help you think beyond t-shirts and tumblers, matching brand-name choices for your strategy to engage your audience further.

4 Reasons To Work With Symphonix


Marketing agency with a national reach


Seasoned account management


Ongoing process to maintain alignment


"Whatever it Takes" mentality

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